Monday, 10 June 2013

Digging up the dirt

Greetings and welcome to my blog! If you have been a regular follower, welcome to this newest incarnation of my thoughts, expression and vision.

Having my usual chat with a dear friend and realising what stage I am with my life has encouraged me to start fresh with a new drawing board.

So here it goes - my dream in this world is to create a wishing tree of hope and atruism. I want to create a system where people can feel support and encouragement to do good things. Why you might ask? I guess it's because of the upbringing I have and general attitude towards people ranging form strangers to close companions. This tree was first imagined back in 2009 when I was just helping out with a university club "Student Entrepreneurs". One day, I want this tree to become the link between the young man helping the old lady pick up dropped groceries and a patient receiving a kidney transplant to survive. I want to encourage people and keep the good spirit of "helping each other" alive and well - and not through giving out monetary awards, but rather establishing bonds between people out there to continue and do the great things they are doing in life.

This blog will become the record of my journey from planting the seeds, to watering the flowers and growing hopefully budding into a beautiful garden where we all bring more smiles to the individuals of the world.

Looks like I will need to start digging up the dirt to be able to plant the seeds! It wouldn't be fair for me to count my contributions up till now - so I'll keep you posted till next time!

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